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Are you seeking that perfect hue or versatile ink for your craft projects? Look no further! Tsukineko is here with its sought-after Tsukineko Versa Magic Ink. Our range of Tsukineko Versa Magic Ink offers a spectrum of colours and finishes to suit every need and project.

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Why Tsukineko Stands Out

Crafted with excellence, Tsukineko Versa Magic Ink is more than just an ink. It’s the spirit of creativity bottled! The ink ensures vibrant colours, even application, and long-lasting impressions, making your projects stand out. Plus, its versatility means you can use it on multiple surfaces with splendid results every time.

Discover the Tsukineko Magic

If you've ever wondered what sets Tsukineko apart in the world of inks and dyes, it's the magic woven into each product. The brilliant sheen, the smooth feel, and the impeccable quality — all come together to give you the finest crafting experience.

Dive into the magical realm of Tsukineko Versa Magic Ink now.

Shop the Versa Magic in Australia

With just a dab or a stroke, transform your art into masterpieces.  It's available right here in Australia, we also deliver to New Zealand, making your craft journey seamless and delightful.

So, let's get inking, and let your creativity soar! 

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