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Planner Perks

Welcome to our Planner Perks VIP (very important planner) rewards, where loyalty is the currency of delight.

Shop n Score Points

Save Big on your Planner Stationery

Turn your shopping spree into a reward-filled celebration. 🥳 Every purchase sprinkles your account with store points,
ready to be redeemed on your future planning stationery splurges.

As a VIP, you're in for a treat! With every purchase, you'll earn points and unlock exclusive tier rewards.
It's our way of showering you with confetti-filled gratitude for being a cherished loyal member of our incredible planner family.

How It Works

  • 1. Join Perks

    Create your account, it’s quick and easy.

  • 2. Earn Points

    The more you shop, the more you earn.

  • 3. Unlimited Rewards

    No limits on how many you can earn.

  • 3. Redeem Discounts

    Turn earned points into discounts.


Turn Points Into Rewards!

Cashing in on your shiny points for discounts is as easy as pie! Just sprinkle them over your cart at checkout, and voila! Instant savings of your minimum order spend!

Stationery Stardom Levels

🔐 Inside our VIP (Very Important Planner) club, you're not just a shopper - you're a star of our stationery universe. 🌟

Every time you shop, we say 'Thank You' with not just confetti of shiny reward points, but with a planner lovers buffet of tier-based benefits.
It's our way of throwing a mini party 🎉 just for you, each time you shop!

Collect enough to reach your first milestone, and you're in for some fabulous planner goodies.
Or, let the anticipation build and save up those points for something really spectacular!

VIP's Tier Benefits For More Rewards

  • Affiliate Ambassador Requirements at Planners Avenue

    Sticker Lover

    0-$349 Annual Spend
    • Join Planner Perk Club 50 points
    • 5 Points per $1 AUD spent
    • Birthday Reward 250 points
    • Like Us on Facebook 50 points*
    • Join our Facebook group 50 points*
    • Follow Us on Instagram 50 points*
    • Follow on Tiktok 50 points*
    • Subscribe on Youtube 50 points*

    *Action Can Only Be Completed One Time per User

  • Affiliate Ambassador Benefits at Planners Avenue

    Stationery Obsessed

    $350-$699 Annual Spend
    • Join Planner Perk Club 50 points
    • 6.25 Points per $1 AUD spent
    • Free Hello Month Stickers.
    • Coupon 10% off (one-time use)
    • Birthday Reward 250 points
    • Like Us on Facebook 50 points*
    • Join our Facebook group 50 points*
    • Follow Us on Instagram 50 points*
    • Follow on Tiktok 50 points*
    • Subscribe on Youtube 50 points*

    *Action Can Only Be Completed One Time per User

  • Planner Bestie

    $700+ Annual Spend
    • Join Planner Perk Club 50 points
    • 7.5 Points per $1 AUD spent
    • Free Public Holidays Stickers.
    • Free Post Note Washi Planner Stickers.
    • Coupon 15% off (one-time use)
    • Birthday Reward 250 points
    • Like Us on Facebook 50 points*
    • Join our Facebook group 50 points*
    • Follow Us on Instagram 50 points*
    • Follow on Tiktok 50 points*
    • Subscribe on Youtube 50 points*

    *Action Can Only Be Completed One Time per User

Refer A Friend

Give $5, Get $5*

Share the Love, Reap the Rewards! 🥳💜

Send your friends and family a sweet $5 off their first order of $50 or more. And the cherry on top? 🍒 For every successful referral, we'll pop $5 worth of points into your account! It's a win-win sprinkle of fun! 🎉💰✨

Share, save, and celebrate with us at Planner Avenue!
*Value is AUD$

Join Our Confetti-Filled Planner Perks Club

Indulge in your stationery love and watch those perks add up.
After all, you deserve that extra sparkle for being such a fabulous part of our vibrant community.

Can you sense the pure joy? Shopping for stationery with us is like diving into an endless goodie bag, with surprises and delights at every turn.
It's not just shopping, it's a discovery world filled with shiny colourful pens, cute stickers, delightful planners, and so much more!

Want to know more?

Most common questions & answers about Planner Perks & Milestone Rewards.

📌 How do I earn points?

We've got a whole party 🎉 of exciting ways for you to gather points and swap them for spectacular surprises!

Shop & Earn

Every time you shop our delightful range of planners, stationery, and stickers you earn reward points.

  • For every dollar you spend, you'll earn points that can be redeemed for discount rewards.
    (excluding shipping fees and taxes)
    Please allow 48 hours for your points to appear on your Account page.

    Rewards points cannot be earned for transactions if you are not logged into your account.
Even more ways to earn points
  • Leave Reviews: Keep an eye out for an email from us about your recent purchase. Simply reply to the email to submit your review and earn points!
  • Sharing photos: Show off your planner setups and stationery hauls on social media, and tag us to rack up those points!
  • Connecting with us on social media: Follow, like, and engage with us on our social platforms to stay updated and earn extra points!
  • Birthday Points! 🎂 🎁 It’s your birthday and we cant wait to celebrate you. Make sure to enter your birthday into your account to earns points, and join our birthday newsletter for a special suprise.

Discover all the fabulous ways to earn points on our Rewards app, click on the reward icon at the bottom of our website, and start collecting points today!

With so many opportunities to earn, you'll be unlocking incredible discounts and exclusive perks in no time!

📅 When do points start accruing?

Points start accumulating on the day you sign up.

Points cannot be applied after to any orders or events that you have made previously before joining.

✏️ How do I check my points balance?

You can check your point balance on the Rewards App page by clicking the reward Icon on the bottom of our website.

Once you are logged in you will see your points balance and options to redeem your points.

😊How do I use my points?

Every point adds to your points wallet which can be converted into coupons of $5, $10 $15, $30 values.

The maximum amount of points you can redeem towards one purchase is 3000 points (AU$30)

To redeem your points you must be logged into your account on our website before clickong on the rewards icon (located at the bottom of the page)

📒 How do I redeem my points for a discount?

Rdeem your points for a reward code that you can use at checkout for discounts! 

You must be logged in to access your rewards discount.

  • Click on the rewards icon (located at the bottom of the website). From the Redeem menu you can select the points to redeem for a reward.

Your cart total must be equal to or greater than the rewards discount minimum order to apply the discount.

Discounts are not eligible for any shipping fees and taxes.

Please note discounts cannot be combined with other offers, and will not stack during promotional offers.

If items are returned your point balance will adjust accordingly.

Some items will be excluded from earning or redeeming points.* Excluded from reward discounts are subscriptions, mystery boxes and items already on sale.

📌Do my points expire?

Points can expire after 6 months (180 days) however...

If you are continually redeeming points or earning points by making purchases, your balance will not expire.

Only if after a period of 6 months with inactivity on your account (180 days), the balance will expire.

📅 How do I reach tier status

Planner Perks are separated into three tiers:

🌟 Bronze - StickerLover
🌟 Silver - Stationery Obsessed
🌟 Gold - Planner Bestie

Tier status is based on your yearly spend starting from the first day you signed up for rewards.

Once you move up a tier you can enjoy the perks for up to 12 months! The tier will reset each year.

Based on your spending throughout the year you can remain in the same tier or move up and down.

As soon as you move up to the next tier you will earn a reward with new planner perks!

Please note any reward discount codes expire after one month from the date it was sent.

✏️ What product(s) are excluded from redeeming rewards points?

There are select products that are excluded from Rewards Redemption usually because they are already offered at a great discount.

Below are exclusions (but not limited to):

  • Mystery Sticker Kit
  • Sticker Subscription
  • Orders placed during a promotion where a discount is already being automatically applied in cart
  • Orders using another promotion/coupon code at checkout (only one promotion code can be used per transaction)
  • Product(s) specifically excluded from Reward Redemption as advertised on the product page
  • On Sale items already discounted at checkout
  • Any cart or product total LESS than or equal to the amount of the Rewards discount. For example, if you would like to apply a Reward for $5 off, your cart subtotal must equal or greater than the minimum order value for the discount to apply.

Please note any reward discount codes have an expire date, refer to your email and rewards account page.