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Sticky Notes

Our Sticky Notes collection is your new best friend for fleeting thoughts and lasting impressions! Their easy-peel nature ensures you can reposition them effortlessly, moving notes from your monthly page to your weekly page.

Let these little notes be the trusted sidekick in your planning journey. Go on, jot down, stick, and enjoy!  Cute sticky notes and memo pads are perfect for your to-do's, reminders or jotting down a quick note.

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Must-Have in every planner stash

Sticky Notes aren't just handy pieces of paper; they're tiny life-savers! Imagine having a vibrant canvas to scribble down that scheduled appointment, or a reminder for tomorrow's meeting. Whether it's a short-lived to-do or a cherished memory, our notes are there to ensure you never miss a beat.

Why Sticky Notes Shine

For those who love organization with a hint of flair, our Sticky Notes are a must. Their sheer versatility in capturing thoughts, setting reminders, or even creating quick bookmarks, makes them an essential tool in every stationery enthusiast's kit.

Grab Your Reusable Notes Today!

 Our range of Sticky Notes is available in our Yeoval Australia store, with swift delivery options covering both Australia and New Zealand. 

Click through and discover a world of Sticky Notes that promise both functionality and fun!