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Adhesive + Clear Pockets

Simplify your organization and protect important documents with our Adhesive + Clear Pockets.

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Self-Adhesive + Clear Pockets for Easy Organization

Versatile pockets for conveniently storing and displaying various paper or stickers in your planner, notebook or journal. Made from durable and transparent materials, our clear pockets provide optimal visibility while keeping your documents safe from dirt, dust, and damage.

The self-adhesive option ensures easy attachment to a wide range of surfaces, including folders, binders, notebooks, and more.

These clear pockets are available in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

From small pockets for business cards and receipts to larger pockets for photos or stickers, we have the right size for every item you want to store or showcase.

Streamline your organization and keep your belongings within easy reach with our Self-Adhesive Clear Pockets. Simplify your life and enjoy a having your stickers close by.

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