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Washi Tape

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and super stylish way to jazz up your planner, journal, or craft project, our Washi Tape collection is for you.

Washi tape is made from traditional Japanese paper perfect to beautifully decorate your planner or bullet journal. Discover our huge collection of washi tapes in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

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Tape for Every Taste

Are you a planning pro or just dipping your toes into journaling? No worries, our washi tapes are your trusty sidekick. They’re the stuff of stationery dreams: easy to rip, a breeze to reposition, and guess what? No sticky mess to deal with.

From the whimsical patterns of cute washi tape to the elegant designs of Japanese washi tape, our collection is a celebration of diversity. Subtle pastels? Check. Vibrant hues? Absolutely. Intricate patterns? You bet!

The Charm of Washi

These little washi tape sticker rolls pack a punch. Not just decorative, the flexibility and repositionable nature of washi tape make it both functional and fun. Easy to tear, write on, and even layer, each tape tells a story, making your projects personal and unique.

Shop Cute Washi Tape available in Australia

Let your creativity run wild! The humble washi tape holds the power to elevate your projects, adding a touch of creativity and colour to every day.

Now available in Australia, with speedy delivery options extending to New Zealand. Ready to get crafty? Browse our collection and dive into the vibrant world of washi!

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