We are Paul & Melanie, husband and wife team based in Central West NSW, Australia. Melanie is our chief stationery lover!
I’ve always loved cute planners and stationery and started Planners Avenue in 2020 when I realised the need for a variety of cute stationery online in Australia especially for beautiful planners and functional stationery for us who are ambitious yet want colour and fun in our lives.
We know the chaos of everyday life, and our goal is to help you creatively tame your to-do list, craft your freedom to reach your dreams and get things done.
Our range of curated stationery empowers every stationery-obsessed dreamer, doer and thinker with a variety of creative tools to help reach your dreams and get things done.
Visit us for the ultimate happy space for the stationery-obsessed, who is ambitious yet want colour and fun in their lives as they smash the daily to-dos list and realise your life’s dreams.
It doesn’t matter if you are a dreamer, doer, thinker or a combination of all, we give you fun and cute stationery to create your intentional life.
We cant wait to welcome you to Planners Avenue, your cute stationery online Australian store to delight and joy those stationery-obsessed, it’s just like a kid in a lolly shop only for stationery lovers.